Tuesday, September 20, 2016

From Lawn to Habitat Garden

Another quarterly visit up to Santa Cruz for work, family and play. A client who I designed a back yard for a few years back gave me free reign to transform her front yard. We used the mature live oak as inspiration creating a habitat garden with mostly natives and had a lot of fun tearing out the lawn in the process.
1.5 days of sweat- Lawn gone. Oak happy. Marking out path and seating area.
Tagging boulders for seating and dimension in the garden. The sonoma fieldstones blend perfectly with the oak and are locally harvested in cow fields.
Sonoma boulders delivered and keyed in, plants placed. Repurposing existing old bender board from removed lawn to outline and border CA gold gravel path.
Front lawn to habitat garden transformation complete! Just add chairs and wine.
Happy oak woodland with sunspot seating in friendly Santa Cruz cul de sac. Now wait for plants to grow, create layers and close in the space

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