Thursday, January 29, 2015

More fun with potscaping

I've already written a blog entry on container gardnening- but it's so much fun and after doing a small potscaping project for my brother and sister-in-law, I had to write another one. Small space patio friends, condo/apartment dwellers, renters or just home owners who want to quickly brighten up, refresh or change their outdoor space can get it done with some pots. I've chronicled below the potsultation I did here in San Diego to refresh a patio and hide utilitlies on the wall.

The lay of the land. A wall that is in desperate need of some funky color and greenery. The small pot there just isn't cutting it in regards to making a real focal impact, pop of color or thriving against the hot wall.

Finding The One.
This beautiful turqoisey cobalt pot spoke to us, so we found it some friends of varying heights, rung them up and loaded them in the car.
The Plants.
Next we stopped at the nursery to pick our plants. We got a dwarf kumquat loaded with fruit that will thrive in that large blue beauty we got- as well as a handful of jewel toned succulents of varying colors and textures for year round contrast and interest. Including echeveria, aeonium, kalanchoe and sedums. We picked up a basil plant to divide and plant in a nice round bowl planter and some other new goodies we couldn't pass up on to plant in the yard. We grabbed some soil  and decorative rock to finish it off and went back to put it all in place.
The Final Product.
Unlike normal landscapes which take years to fill in and look just right, pots are all about instant gratification. Plants can be moved, divided and fudged around years down the road (although this kumquat isn't going anywhere- I've seen citrus survive decades in pots still regularly fruiting). Within a few months the succulents will already start to spread and the basil will quadrupel in size.

On a south wall cluster pots for a focal using tough heat loving plants, I like going for dwarf fruit trees such as this kumquat other citrus, olive or pomegranate.

Colorful, sculptural, thrive on neglect... pot perfect.

In a few months these seedlings will be a lush 2' high bouquet of goodness.

For those interested, my potscaping consultation includes fieldtrip to wholesale pottery yard, nursery and placement / planting.. and usually within 2-4 hours. The ultimate instant gratification project. 

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