Sunday, November 2, 2014

Flying South in 2015

Dear Clients and Colleagues,

It's bittersweet to announce that I am moving my business to San Diego in the new year. Although this is by no means goodbye- I will be back in Santa Cruz for quarterly visits- and those clients who wish to schedule any services on that basis, I will happily make myself available. I plan to wrap up all existing projects and will continue checking in on the garden spaces I've created with so many of you and, as always, am available via phone and email for miscellaneous questions, advice and recommendations.

As some of you may know, San Diego and I are not strangers. I have family in San Diego and have been bouncing back and forth for the past 15+ years. I've been able to work on several projects in San Diego and see a big demand for more ecological landscape designers- and horticultural professionals, in general. As a huge advocate for removing front lawns, San Diego has an endless supply which many are finally going brown! Between family and new opportunities in a larger pool, I embark on this journey and next chapter of my career and life.

I'm excited to sink my roots into the community and professional world of San Diego and am thrilled to have already been received warmly and enthusiastically by colleagues thus far. I'm jumping in with the same multiple services from design to consulting to fine gardening + coaching. I look forward to collaborating with talented professionals (and clients) in creating some great new spaces.

I am so grateful for the success, support and relationships I've have the pleasure to build in Santa Cruz. I have personally given my regular clients names of a few highly recommended friends and colleagues to potentially take over and dovetail services and am available for a final walk-through / torch passing. Any other clients are welcome to contact me directly for recommendations. Once more, I'd like to give a big wholehearted thanks to all of you for making it happen- and again, let it be known, this is not goodbye. I will be back for the redwoods, wine tasting, mushroom hunting and cool misty mornings!

Andrea (and Guinness)

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FYI: My business name, website, mobile number and email address will remain unchanged.

Any changing contact info will be updated and posted on all the above links as well as sent to any current and former clients and colleagues on my mailing list and database. My 408 phone number will continue to be in use along with the new (858) 255-0585 San Diego number- which forwards to my existing 408 number.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Morocco: lessons in color and design

Making the trek across Spain to Morocco is a sort of journey through culture, design, food and time. From the organic Art Nouveu architecture and bold colorful tiles of Gaudi in Barcelona, to the moorish Islamic architecture and design of Alhambra in Granada and the Andalusian flavor of Seville to Morocco's ornate palaces, tilework, architecture- Spain and Morocco are a designer's dream. Spices, textiles, even the food is colorful (and delicious). Riads and Hotels of Morocco are covered in fabrics and cushions, walls covered in paint, tiles, artwork. Even doorways with their keyhole shaped curves are playful and seductive- as if portals to new worlds- and windows with their moorish ironwork allow the light to dance through in patterns on the already colorful floors.

Pictures below are a few highlights scattered from my visits to Chefchouen (the blue city in the Rif mountains), Fez, Casablanca and Marrakesh. Photo credit goes to myself along with several of my fellow adventures who graciously let me use their images. Enjoy!

 The atriums of these riads are not only aesthetic but also functional in high heat areas such as Morocco. The central fountains serve as a kind of convectional cooling- pulling hot air in and cooling it down. I noticed these are always several degrees cooler than outside and inside. Also traditionally women who were not allowed "outside" could privately enjoy outside. Yes- quite a different world...

Jardin Majorelle in Marakech- It took French painter Jacques Majorelle (1886-1962) forty years of passion and dedication to create this enchanting garden in the heart of the “Ochre City”. Moorish meets Art Deco and a whole lot of bold whimsy. Yves Saint Laurent discovered the garden in the 60s and purchased it in the 80s owning it until his death in 2008. His ashes reside on the property.







The pottery co-op of Fez. Here they have a school for aspiring artists to learn the trade, create and sell pottery, fountains, mosaics, etc. They fire the works in kilns with waste products from the olive oil (pits and pressed fruit).